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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

After spending some more time on Venik's site, I noticed there is an incredible amount of information there... So, if you're not terribly impressed with the updates on the current war, there are sections dealing with many of the European wars and conflicts over the past decade or so (Kosovo, Chechnya, etc.) and a mind-boggling amount of material on just about any type of military aircraft one can imagine. Even if the Iraq information turns out to be crap, at least there's plenty of other stuff to keep me entertained. Praise.

Okay... is it 'protester' or 'protestor,' because I cannot figure it out. I'm sure it's whichever way I haven't been spelling it over the past month. I'd better figure it out, and fast, since my Master's thesis is about the protest movement in Missouri during the Vietnam War. There's no telling how many times the word 'protester/or' will appear in that son of a bitch.


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