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Thursday, April 17, 2003

I know I've said this before, but I mean it this time: I'm done talking about the war. It's not that I no longer have any interest in the issue, it's that I think I have nothing left to say about it. I'm already starting to rehash stuff I've already talked about, and most of the "new" stuff I bring up is ridiculous garbage that the five people who read this thing probably don't want to read. So, unless I come up with something absolutely brilliant, there will be no more war talk on this blog.

Unless Bush starts a new war; I'll consider that fair game.

Unfortunately, since I have a one-track mind most of the time, that leaves me with little to talk about. While I'm very opinionated, I'm neither creative nor imaginative. What to do? I have an idea! Why doesn't everyone who reads this site send me suggestions for discussion? I can go on and on endlessly about anything, so just pick a topic you're interested in and think I might know something about and email it to me. What fun! I'm getting all interactive and shit... By the way, I am being serious. I'm that desperate.


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