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Sunday, April 06, 2003

I Should Not Be Allowed To Say The Following Things About America

With the nation-building in Afghanistan having been such a resounding success, I'm appalled that anyone would think the US would ditch Iraq in its time of need.

The Sunday Morning News Roundup
A Letter to America
Cannabis 'link to schizophrenia rise'
Bush puts God on his side
Have Clip Art, Will Dissent
Cronies set to make a killing
The Press and the Myths of War
US peace activist shot in Jenin
Some Critical Media Voices Face Censorship
Lincoln Statue Unveiled Amid Protest
US accused of hypocrisy on human rights
'Hundreds dead' in Congo massacres
A morally hollow victory
Official Story Vs. Eyewitness Account
No excuse, says US military - but no action taken against 'cowboy' pilot
UN and Army at Odds as Troops Encourage Looting
US begins the process of 'regime change'
Turf war rages in Washington over who will rule Iraq
Did Anyone Sign Up For All of This?
Aid effort founders while water and food crisis spreads
Aznar counts cost of war as voters rebel


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