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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Maggie and I have been chewed up and spit out by the harsh city life of Maryville, Missouri. Believe it. We are now in Kansas City attempting to start completely over. Perhaps my two bachelor's degrees in history and geography will be viewed with less contempt and meaninglessness than they were in the town in which I received them. Here's to hoping, and here's to the possibility that my prospective employers have never heard of NWMSU. At least that will get me my foot in the door. After all I've been through, I really should have majored in something practical, such as business or marketing or education. I might not have the "integrity" that comes with a traditional academic eductation, but at least I would have some food in the refrigerator.

Mac pulls no punches in his post from yesterday; Christ, he even drops the F-bomb twice, which, even though I haven't checked yet, I'm guessing is pretty well unprecedented. In just four short paragraphs he says all that needs to be said. I might as well close up shop.

Although the sign on the right is partially cut off, I believe it says "Bush is a reptilian shape shifter." Glory.

I have a new primary email address. It is zinnite@hotmail.com.

Al-Jazeera's Basra hotel bombed. I'm sure this was an accident, just like the hospital "coalition" forces bombed. Just in case it wasn't, maybe al-Jazeera shouldn't have let the Pentagon know exactly where they will be at all times. Of course, they probably gave them fake locations just to see they will be hit by errant missiles and misdirected artillery strikes, too.



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