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Saturday, April 26, 2003

There's just something about the scents produced from the mingling of aromas drifting out of resturant doors that makes me glad to be alive. Combined with auto exhaust fumes and snitty consumers, it all makes for a fine day at Kansas City's very own Country Club Plaza. I finally experienced the armageddon cult shouting down the shoppers and using children to pass out bible tracts (no Chick tracts, though) outside the Barnes & Noble. If you ask me, for a group of ultra-fundamentalist Christians, they sure looked total potheads to me, and I know what I'm talking about. "Armageddon is at hand! Prepare to repent or spent eternity in everlasting hellfire! I said puff-puff pass, bitch..."

Well, isn't this convenient? Not that I would be totally suprised if all that really did happen, but I would be more suprised if "coalition" officials didn't cook them up for lack of real evidence.


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