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Friday, May 02, 2003

Who's overreacting?

As despicable as he is, at least Pat Robertson is upfront about his aspirations for Evangelical Christianity in the Middle East, as this interview with fellow-fundy Dutch Sheets (definitely no relation) clearly shows:

ROBERTSON: What about the Iraq War? Have you discerned any significance about this war that you want to share?

SHEETS: Well, yes. I mean, I spent several days and hours praying about it beforehand. I knew we were going to war. I just knew it in my spirit. And I feel that the Lord said to me that this was all about the spirit of Babylon. I believe we've come full circle back to Genesis. That spirit that has arisen from way back in the beginning that has opposed the Lord, that says, "I'm not going to submit to You." And that spirit that goes all the way through Revelation where God says, "Fallen is Babylon the Great." I believe that we are coming into the season where God has determined, "I am now going to deal with the spirit of Babylon." And I believe, Pat, that the spirit of Babylon is the ruling spirit behind Islam.

You know, the Lord loves those people, and I believe that He has very passionate love for them, but we believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. And I believe that God is in the process now of bringing down that stronghold that has blinded people to the Gospel. And I believe we're now coming into the greatest harvest among the Muslim people, that we've heard about for so long, and I believe this is what it's all about. The Lord said to me before we ever went to war, "I have declared war on the spirit of Babylon," and that's when I knew we were going, and I believe that's what it's all about. It's not about a man. It's not about a people. It's about a spirit, and liberating people from that spirit.

So would someone please tell me again that the Christian "humanitarian aid" missions are going to Iraq to just help out the Iraqis? That Franklin "Islam is an evil and wicked religion" Graham's Samaritan's Purse is going to rebuild homes and hand out food and not attempt to wipe out all traces of Islam with which it comes into contact? The above passage is what it's all about, kiddos.

The Evangelicals never offer a carrot without a stick here at home, so why does anyone believe them when they say they're going to do so in Iraq? There is no respect for Arab culture among these people; in case no one has been paying attention, they hate Islam and everything it stands for (though, oddly enough, it stands for almost everything Christianity stands for). You had better believe there is going to be a carrot-and-stick routine in Iraq, only instead of a stick the carrot will be dangling from the end of a cross.

Since most Iraqis are already incredibly suspicious of America's intentions, sending more Americans to Iraq to spread the Gospel is only going to add more fuel to the fire. No matter what Bush says from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, this war is far from over.


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