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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I just discovered that Sir Ian McKellen has been keeping some online journals of his experiences as Gandalf. The Grey Book and The White Book are both pretty fascinating and, dare I say, might even interest non-fanatics.

You know you have "too much free time" when...

Because I have nothing on my schedule until 9AM Saturday morning, I have started something I have been meaning to do for quite some time--"cataloging" my book collection. As boring as it sounds, it's actually pretty fun. Of course, it's also pretty pointless, since once I finish the list I'll probably never use it. I suppose doing it is keeping me off the streets and away from the drugs and petty crime (and away from the television, which is occupying much more of my time than I would like to admit).

What the fuck?

Is it that Bush thinks we are complete idiots, or does he not realize that he is the idiot?
Bush said the CIA's doubts about the charge -- that Iraq sought to buy "yellowcake" uranium ore in Africa -- were "subsequent" to the Jan. 28 State of the Union speech in which Bush made the allegation. Defending the broader decision to go to war with Iraq, the president said the decision was made after he gave Saddam Hussein "a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in." [italics mine]

Bush's position was at odds with those of his own aides, who acknowledged over the weekend that the CIA raised doubts that Iraq sought to buy uranium from Niger more than four months before Bush's speech.

The president's assertion that the war began because Iraq did not admit inspectors appeared to contradict the events leading up to war this spring: Hussein had, in fact, admitted the inspectors and Bush had opposed extending their work because he did not believe them effective.

So not only are we supposed to believe that W had no goddamn clue about the uranium issue until after he used it to justify war, even though every other person around him knew about it for months beforehand, but we are now to believe we just obliterated Iraq because Hussein refused to admit weapons inspectors? I guess I must have been on the other planet Earth where Bush was trying his hardest to get the inspectors out of Iraq, not in. Where the fuck are his zookeepers when he says shit like this?

Article here, after "a few quick questions."


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