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Saturday, November 22, 2003

One more reason not to like Howard Dean

33 Years Later, Draft Becomes Topic for Dean

In this regard, the man is no better than Bush. "No sir, I cannot serve in the military (you see, running makes my legs and back hurt some of the time), so I would appreciate a hasty deferment as I have to leave soon for my skiing trip." Meanwhile, other young men were transformed into unrecognizable piles of meat. I'm far from one who extolls the honor and virtue of military service; heroes do not carry automatic weapons or drop bombs from thousands of feet. But, I do think what Dean and his contemporaries did made a complete mockery of the guys who didn't have the connections to avoid being sucked into the meat grinder (and I don't mean just the Chickenhawks--yes I'm talking about you, Mr. Clinton). The guy already had a student deferment, but that wasn't enough. No, he had to dig up some x-rays from his high school days to "see where he stood." Right. If he had really wanted to enlist, as he says, he would have.

If you don't want to go to war, don't go, but don't be a pussy about it. I would have much more respect for Dean, and those like him, if they had just said "Fuck You" and spent a little time in federal prison. Instead, he obtained a deferment because of a mediocre medical problem he probably hadn't thought of since his track days in high school. And then he spent a few months skiing in Aspen. Prinicples don't count for much when they've never been tested.

And now he's aiming for a position where, if elected, he will more than likely send Americans to their deaths in some place other Americans cannot locate on a map. Does this sound familiar? Though I'm sure the so-called liberal-left will bend over backwards to defend his actions (or lack thereof), they should make an issue of this, else they look like the hypocrites of the conservative right. You know the two candidates with "distinguished" military records will. And rightfully so.


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