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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Poetic justice?

What goes up must come down...

Why I don't drive drunk

Mugshots of drunk drivers should be shown at all those motivational assemblies in high school. No kid will ever get tanked and hop behind the wheel if they thought they could end up all over the internet looking like that.


U.S. Nuke Development Concerns Russia. Perhaps Russia will skip the whole UN weapons inspectors business and get right to the pre-emptive invasion? They won't even have the "where are the WMDs?" problem.

"American troops hunting for a top Saddam Hussein deputy suspected of masterminding anti-U.S. attacks arrested his wife and daughter, the military said Wednesday, in an apparent attempt to pressure his surrender." I wonder why don't do that over here? Oh yeah...

I live in a nice neighborhood, but sometimes it gets exciting. The "wooded area near Kasold Drive" mentioned in the article is my backyard. Yippee.


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