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Saturday, January 24, 2004

The choice is obvious

War. Terrorism. Economic collapse. Disappearing rights. It's all so much smoke and mirrors, people. There is only one issue that matters in this election, and only one of presidential candidates has had the balls to put it before the American people. The other hopefuls have willfully ignored the issue, hoping the voters would be too busy worrying about all the other non-issues to notice. The cowards have been lucky, until now; this week, one humble man brought up the issue that all fear to consider. Now it can't be ignored. Action has to be taken. There's only one man who can get the job done.

I'm casting my vote for George W. Bush.

Stop the use of steroids in professional baseball NOW! The very fabric of our society is laid exposed to its horrors.

(This post originally appeared this morning at Dork Northwest.)


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