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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Can anyone say they didn't see this coming?
US mulls how to postpone vote if terrorists strike
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge on Friday warned that "al-Qaeda is moving forward with its plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process," although he admitted US intelligence had no information about any specific plot.
But unnamed counterterrorism officials told Newsweek they were considering a proposal to delay balloting in the event of an attack.
The head of the new US Election Assistance Commission, DeForest Soaries Jr, wrote to Ridge urging him to ask Congress for emergency legislation that would allow his agency to reschedule the election if terrorists were to strike.
"The federal government has no agency that has the statutory authority to cancel and reschedule a federal election," Soaries wrote, according to the weekly.
Ridge's office has asked the Justice Department to review the letter and other proposals to determine how the election could legally be postponed, the magazine said.
Fucking brilliant idea. If the "evildoers" really do hate our "freedom," all they have to do is blow something up. We take care of the rest of the work for them. Goodbye superficial democratic republic, hello dictatorship. Maybe now is a good time to start pretending to be a Christian...


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