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Monday, August 30, 2004

I watched some of the RNC protests on C-SPAN yesterday. The highlight of the whole spectacle was a Chinese dragon in flames on the street in front of the FOX News headquarters. It's a far cry from a self-immolated Buddhist monk, but it's something. It also provided a clear answer to the age-old question of, "What does one do with a Chinese dragon after a major anti-Republican protest?"

The people chanting and carrying signs that read "Four More Months!" left me a little confused. Four months from yesterday would be the end of December. From the time of the election, four months would put us in February. Hey hey, ho ho, someone needs a calendar. I do understand the sentiment, and I suppose chants and signs proclaiming "A little over TWO MORE MONTHS (if one counts to the election) / FIVE MORE MONTHS (if one counts to inauguration day)!!!!" would be more than a little awkward.

If I had been there (HA!), I would have kept it simple, much like the beautiful little sign up above (via BoingBoing).

Although I tried to avoid it, I have been catching some of the actual convention. It's like a four-day-long version of the superbowl, at least if you're like me and think football is one of the most outrageously dull and pointless things on the face of this planet, so utterly devoid of substance it makes you feel hollow and empty just to think about it, let alone sit and watch it. Or something like that.


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