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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Limbaugh chastises Lawrence, Edwards

"'I got to tell you about liberal Lawrence, Kansas,' Limbaugh, the conservative radio commentator -- and native Missourian -- said during a segment of his show. 'They hate Bush there as much as they hate Bush anywhere in the country, and they desperately want to love Kerry.'...

'The one thing that people in Missouri know, if you're going to be traveling west and you're driving, you're on the ground, the one thing people in Missouri know is you go through Kansas at night because there's nothing to see there anyway,' Limbaugh said.

In Lawrence, Limbaugh added, Kansas University students and professors date each other."

Is this what passes for political commentary these days?

Trailer tenants face choice: Stay silent or be homeless

"Fed up, Walkup called City Hall on Monday.

'I wanted them to make the landlord fix things out here,' she said.

But when a zoning enforcement officer inspected her unit in the mobile home park at 827 Walnut St. in North Lawrence, he declared the property uninhabitable. Walkup was given 24 hours to move out.

'I have no money for another place,' she said, fighting back tears. 'I have some friends who have a tent, so I guess I can camp out at the lake. I don't know what else to do.'...

'If they came to my place, I'm sure they'd condemn it, too,' said Bobbie Brown Jr., an unemployed custodian whose unit sits across the driveway from Walkup's. 'It's not suitable. But I've got six kids, no money and no place else to go. What am I supposed to do?'

Another tenant said she learned two weeks ago she had been living in a unit that had been condemned for several months.

'They need to shut this place down,' said the woman, a single mother with three children. 'The fuse box in my place is in my kids' bedroom, and for two days there were sparks coming out of it. I called and called. It took three days for somebody to come out and fix it.'"

Landlords should hang.


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