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busy, busy, busy

Friday, August 20, 2004

Today I got to chase a short slobbery hairy man wearing only underwear and socks through a crowded bathroom pleading with him to at least put your helmet because if you fall down and hit your head you will die and telling him that this is all really childish I mean come on you're forty years old it's been a long time since throwing your only pair of clean pants in the toilet is really all that funny and hey don't open that door there's someone taking a dump in there this isn't a peep show now let's get some clothes on you dude toilet paper does not taste very good at least it hasn't been used yet and yes how very nice you know how to wash your hands but I think you're stalling you need to put on some clothes and oh okay now you're going to crawl on the floor to get to the next stall that's pretty smart how about you use those brains to put on some pants okay that's a good start but you'll need to take your hands out of your underwear if you want to button your pants and great your pants are on so now how about those shoes...


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