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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wait, there's more...

Limbaugh: Comments were about KU, not city

"During the Monday program, Limbaugh said Lawrence hated President Bush 'as much as they hate Bush anywhere in the country,' and called the town "liberal Lawrence, Kansas."

Tuesday, Limbaugh said on his program that he didn't mean the whole town. The transcript of his comments was posted Tuesday afternoon on his Web site under the title, 'El Rushbo Riles Lawrence, Kansas.'

'I thought I made it clear I was talking about the University of Kansas at Lawrence, which is a typical liberal university,' Limbaugh said. 'I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear. I'll make it clear now.'

He added later: 'I thought I was talking about the university, not the whole city of Lawrence.'"

So it's the University of Kansas that Missourians drive through at night because there's nothing to see? And when he said "liberal Lawrence, Kansas" he thought, and assumed his listeners thought, that he was talking about KU? It's just a little amusing that the media juggernaut that is Lawrence's own Channel 6 (which features 18 hours each day of "Tower Cam") brought Rush to his knees.

And I have an apology, too; when I said last year that "The Matrix Reloaded" was a stinking pile of shit, I thought I was clear in that I simply felt Keanu Reeves' performace was less than good. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

And we also have more on the most depressing story of the year...

City orders 2 uninhabitable trailers at park removed

"Ed Gulley, an Ottawa resident who said he had been hired by Jacoby to maintain the park, said he was routinely told to put off repairs.

'I had to rob Peter to pay Paul,' Gulley said. 'You can only do that for so long. I did the best I could, but there's only so much you can do.'

Gulley said he wasn't paid for his work. Instead, he was allowed to live rent-free in a trailer park that Beal owns in Ottawa.

'I tried to come over here in the mornings,' he said.

Gulley said he quit late Monday.

'They ought to bulldoze this place and start over,' he said. 'People shouldn't have to live in these conditions. It's not right.'"


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