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Friday, December 31, 2004

I'm really glad I'm not so uptight that when I find an unknown number on my caller-ID (and no accompanying message) I call the number back to see what the hell the caller wanted and the why hell they didn't leave a message. I can maybe understand it if it's someone one knows, but cold-calling a stranger to find out who they are? And then being pissed off that it was a misdial? You know, I find it a hard fact to swallow that I'm the one wasting someone's time by accidentally calling their number--which they didn't answer--when they're the one calling me.

I'm sure it has something to do with people being physically unable to tear their cell phones away from their heads. I need to do a little more research on that before I can say for sure.

The way I see it, if I don't know who called, it's probably better I don't talk with them at all. That's why I have caller-ID--so I don't have to talk to people. It's the next best thing to not having a phone.

Listening to:
Pavement - my own personal mega-mix; Bjork - "Debut"; Morrissey - "You Are the Quarry"

William Gibson - "Neuromancer"


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