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Monday, January 24, 2005

I think Blogger has been eating my posts recently, as I have made three since last Tuesday that are nowhere to be seen. They weren't anything special, so you're not missing anything, but it's pretty annoying.

But is it more annoying than someone complaining about a free Web service? I don't know. Probably not.

I often wonder if someday an intrepid web explorer will come across a strange site, one that is composed solely of mashed-up "lost" weblog posts--those posts that seem to transfer to one's weblog without incident, but then do not ever appear on the blog nor is there any apparent evidence or history of such a post ever having been made. Perhaps an unidentified server glitch routes those random entries to an obscure location, or mischievous individual with an anti-blog grudge snatches posts during transfer just to cause annoyance and frustration.

On second thought, those scenarios seem pretty ridiculous and far-fetched. I think this is what really happens:

An undetected and semi-omnipotent consciousness--could be AI, extradimensional, whatever--is culling specific, seemingly pointless and dull blog posts and assembling them in such a way that, when discovered, will reveal The Truth About Everything. A new era of human development will begin; all will be One and peace will reign for all time.

Or maybe this kind of shit only happens to me.


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