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Friday, January 14, 2005

One more reason...

The missionary group, WorldHelp, is one of dozens of Christian, Muslim and Jewish charities providing humanitarian relief to victims of the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami that devastated countries around the Indian Ocean, taking more than 150,000 lives.

Most of the religious charities do not attach any conditions to their aid, and many of the larger ones - such as WorldVision, Catholic Relief Services, and Church World Service - have policies against proselytizing. But a few of the smaller groups have been raising money among evangelical Christians by presenting the tsunami emergency effort as a rare opportunity to make converts in hard-to-reach areas.

"Normally, Banda Aceh is closed to foreigners and closed to the gospel," WorldHelp said in an appeal for funds on its Web site this week. "But, because of this catastrophe, our partners there are earning the right to be heard and providing entrance for the gospel."

The appeal said WorldHelp was working with Indonesian Christians in that nation who want to "plant Christian principles as early as possible" in the 300 Muslim children, all younger than 12, who lost their parents in the tsunami. ...

"These are children who are unclaimed or unwanted," he said. "We are not trying to rip them apart from any existing family members and change their culture and change their customs."

Don't get me wrong, this is absolutely vile, but why is this shocking to anyone (and by "anyone," I mean almost all of those blogs linked to your right)? This is exactly what these organizations always do--they don't "help" the unfortunate and/ or tragedy-stricken peoples of this world out of goodness of their hearts. Their goal is more souls in the big book, more minds under control. This is why people fucking hate "us".

And at any rate, what else does one call forcing very young Muslim children to accept Christianity if not "changing culture and customs"?


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