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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Liberal media?

Why is it when any particular labor union is about to strike we never hear in the mainstream media why the strike might happen? The general thrust of most reporting on strikes and other labor issues is how "you" will be affected and all the petty inconveniences "you" will have to endure just because some blue-collar types have decided to be difficult.

Never are we treated to an examination of conditions that lead to strikes, an expose of how workers are constantly fucked by their employers; the most that is ever offered in that regard is stock footage of seemingly well-to-do suit-and-tie union negotiators while a voice-over tells us the workers want--even deserve--more money and more benefits. When we are shown images of striking workers, we see only the angry, chanting rabble of a picket line.

The result: No popular support for labor struggles within the non-union population, and, even worse, little solidarity among unions themselves. Divided and conquered.

"...and America does if America says it's so,
and the anchorperson on TV goes la ti da ti da ti da..."

"16 Military Wives" The Decemberists


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