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Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm fine, but somebody must help the chickens!

KFC asked to stop chicken 'abuse'

"On a rainy Saturday better suited for ducks, a giant fake chicken sat in a wheelchair on the Western Avenue sidewalk, with a sign stating 'Broken Wings and Legs' sitting in its fuzzy white lap. The 'chicken' roosted for an hour Saturday in front of al KFC restaurant with three other protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to raise awareness of what they said is the company's abusive treatment of chickens, and to ask passers-by to join them in boycotting KFC.

'We're asking KFC to stop the worst abuse of the chickens they raise and kill for the restaurant,' said Lindsay Rajt, of Norfolk, Va., the organization's campaign coordinator. 'They're scalding birds alive, while they're still conscious; and drugging the birds to grow so big, so quickly, their weak legs can't support the weight of their massive upper bodies. They live their entire lives crippled, in chronic pain.'

PETA protesters said they weren't asking the restaurant to stop serving chicken, just to ensure that the chickens it uses are treated more humanely."


King of Nepal crushes white-collar street protests
Concern voiced over refugees in Chad
Iraq unrest forces 65,000 to flee

Bottom line: Until all human beings are able to enjoy and exercise all human rights guaranteed to them by international law without fear of torture, brutalization, imprisonment, and murder, we should not even be worrying about animal's rights. How can PETA expect us, as a species, to treat animals with decency and respect when we can't even do the same right now for the majority of the world's population?

Don't get me wrong; I think what KFC does, as well as almost all of the animals-for-consumption industry, is pretty despicable. But my problem is not (so much) the inhumane treatment of animals, it's the inhumane treament of the humans who work in that industry. My guess is that if PETA and other similar groups focus instead on improving the conditions under which those humans work, then better conditions for the animals will follow in an almost natural manner.

But, unfortunately, as my past experience in the animal rights movement has shown me, PETA and other animal rights activists simply do not care about human beings; indeed, I don't think they even really give a damn about animals. They are simply attention whores, narcissists who love street-theater* and sell their movement by plastering images of has-been celebrities, no-talent hacks, and Playboy Playmates who support "the cause", and afterwards wonder why no one takes them seriously. Until they start standing up for people as seriously as they claim to do for animals, they are merely entertainment.

*If PETA really wants to effect any serious change, in addition to shifting to the human angle of the issue, they should pay careful attention to the recent protests regarding immigration legislation. No street-theater, no giant puppets, none of the attention-grabbing bullshit that many other "activists" throw out during anti-KFC, anti-war, anti-whatever protests. Much like the civil rights demonstrators of the 1950s and 60s, they were organized, polite, and incredibly focused and determined with their message. And they were very successful.


  • How can you possibly blog about PETA when you haven't even said one word about genocide in Darfur?

    ...or, playing the "we shouldn't even be talking about this -- there are more important problems in the world" card is a damn good way to get nothing done.

    By Blogger Zed, at 5/02/2006 01:07:00 PM  

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