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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Behold the atheist's nightmare

...brain liposuction? Huh?

Someone should fill in Mikey Seaver's little buddy on the history of agriculture, specifically that the banana he is fellating holding is the product of centuries of cultivation and selection by humans. While someone is at it, they may also want to let him know that his "atheist's nightmare" comes in many different varieties, many of which would fail one or more of his "proofs" that the banana is a Divine Creation Made Just for Man to Eat.

But maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't utterly destroy the man's pride and withhold the fact that he's basing his entire proof of God's Glorious Creation by peeling the banana the wrong way.

The whole of creation testifies to the genius of God? Since we're talking food, what about pineapples? Coconuts? And jumping out of the realm of food, what about the "genius" of covering over seventy-percent of this planet's surface with a substance in which we cannot breathe (and the vast majority of which we cannot even drink)? Good one, God!

Oh yeah: the "Big Bang" didn't happen in space. It formed space.

And this is the single-most homoerotic piece of Christian propaganda I think I've ever seen.


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